100 decomposed bodies of newborns lead to arrest of Benghazi Medical Center officials

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 20 July 2017

A photo showing the decomposed newborns’ bodies at the BMC (Photo: Internet)

The criminal investigation department of the Al-Bayda-based interim government of Abdullah Al-Thinni announced arresting officials from the Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) over lack of proper health conditions and scandals of maltreatment of patients.

The arrest comes after photos on social media showed 100 bodies of newborns tossed into a morgue that is out of order and the bodies are decomposed as they had been in there for long.

Also, the arrest of the BMC officials comes after a video was posted this week showing worms coming out of a patient’s mouth in the intensive care unit of the BMC.

The criminal investigation department said the results of the investigation will be shown to public in order to let them know what was the cause of such negligence at the BMC.

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