48 Egyptians found dead in Libyan desert

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 8 July 2017

100 Egyptian refugees missing in Libya desert

48 Egyptian illegal immigrants were found dead in the Libyan desert between Tobruk and Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, the Libyan Red Crescent in Tobruk announced.

19 bodies were recovered from the desert and 29 others were still missing in the desert, the Libyan Red Crescent added.

It also said that what appeared to be the case that those Egyptians were trying to enter Libya in an illegal way and then died on the their way in the Libyan desert.

according to the videos and photos posted by the Libyan Red Crescent in Tobruk, the recovered bodies were decomposed which means that they had been lost in the desert for days.

“We have found their IDs and passports with them and all of them were from Egypt.” The Libyan Red Crescent announced.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that they will coordinate with the Libyan authorities to see the truth behind the incident.

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