Flying car makes its first test successfully preparing the world for new breakthrough

  • Libyan Express + Agencies |
  • Monday 24 April 2017

On April 20, Lilium announced that their full-scale prototype had its maiden flight and they released some impressive footage of the achievement.

The prototype is a two-seater and it managed to execute “a range of complex maneuvers, including its signature mid-air transition from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight.”

Lilium co-founder and CEO Daniel Wiegand said: “Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team. We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point. The successful test flight programme shows that our ground-breaking technical design works exactly as we envisioned. We can now turn our focus to designing the five seater production aircraft.”

The images of the flight are quite impressive and they have gone viral on social media.

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