Libyans protest against Italian violation of Libya sovereignty

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 5 August 2017

Protester in Tripoli stomping on the Italian flag. (Photo: Internet)

Several Libyans took to the streets in Algeria Square in Tripoli and in Martyrs Square as well to protest and condemn the Italian naval mission that arrived in the Libyan waters.


The protesters called on the Government of National Accord (GNA) to step down if they are not capable of protecting Libya’s sovereignty, chanting the slogan “Libya is not the fourth beach of Italy.”

Meanwhile, the Italian Embassy in Libya said there are no huge protests in Tripoli, in an attempt to downplay the condemnation of Libyans toward Italy’s violation.

“Italy is keen on helping Libyan people to get out from their crisis.” Italian Embassy tweeted on Friday.

GNA has not stated any official response to the protests amid more condemnation of the Italian naval mission in Libya’s territorial water.

Besides Tripoli, many Libyan cities protested the Italian violation of Libya’s sovereignty as per the demand of Fayez Al-Serraj, the head of the Presidential Council, from the Italian government in order to fight illegal immigration and human traffickers.

The commander of the eastern forces of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, ordered his air force and naval force troops to bomb any foreign vessels in the Libyan waters except the commercial ones.

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