Scientists: human sweat can help depict diabetes

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  • Monday 13 March 2017

It may be annoying to wear, but this sweat glucose monitor would be a lot better than having to self-administer a blood test several times a day. Disposable strips could be used instead. Hyunjae Lee and Changyeong Song

Scientists have developed a sensor that can monitor blood sugar levels by analysing sweaty skin, the BBC reported.

But rather than a gym-soaked t-shirt, it needs just one millionth of a litre of sweat to do the testing.

The team – in South Korea – showed the sensor was accurate and think it could eventually help patients with diabetes, the BBC added.

And in extra tests on mice, the sensor was hooked up to a patch of tiny needles to automatically inject diabetes medication.

The BBC indicated that the team at the Seoul National University were trying to overcome the need for “painful blood collection” needed in diabetes patients.

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