Tarhouna municipality says murder of 15 persons in the city is “internal affair”

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 19 April 2017

Tarhouna municipality has issued a statement saying that the incident of killing 15 persons in the city is an internal issue and the city’s security department can solve it alone.

The killed persons were all from one singles family, the family of Besyousa.

“The situation is stable ans secure in the city.” The municipal council said in a statement that was issued 24 hours after the incident, which took place on Monday.

The statement condemned the media escalation of the incident, naming particularly social media pages and Libya 24 TV channel.

It also said that Tarhouna decided to shut the road that connects it with Bani Walid for fear of any retaliation by the family members and relatives of the killed persons.

The statement also denounced the intervention of media outlets powered by Wershefana district in the incident.

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