Two killed in clashes between armed forces in Zliten, northwestern Libya

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 20 February 2017

Two people were killed and over three others were injured in clashes that broke out in Zliten city on Monday afternoon between the Joint Security Room in Zliten and another force, said to be from Misurata city.

Misurata city is nearby Zliten with some 60-70 kilometers away.

According to sources, the two killed persons are from the Joint Security Room and so are the wounded ones, adding that the armed group’s casualties are not known.

“It is not clear to which official party the armed group that attacked the joint security room building in Zliten belongs.” The sources indicated.

The attacking unidentified armed group pulled out to Naeema district while the joint security room was reportedly deploying forces across the whole city to respond to any further assaults.

The Joint Security Room was formed recently by the Zliten municipality in order to control the crime rates in the city.

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