About Us

About Us

Libyan Express (LX) is Libya’s leading, independent English-language media outlet. A renowned news organisation with a difference. Based in the capital Tripoli, LX was founded in 2015, this independently funded body is successfully setting new standards for journalism in Libya.

Through our carefully curated online platform, Libyan Express speaks to a vast audience of prominent English-speaking influencers around-the-clock. Recognised for delivering the latest and most accurate news stories, as well as articles in the realms of politics, business, art, culture, lifestyle, and sports, both in and around Libya.

Our content writers guarantee that our subject-matter is a carefully delivered mix of tangible articles and inspiring, innovative content. Our writers are all highly trained journalists, ensuring that every sentence is professionally written and edited to provide an impeccable reading experience.

Our key aim is to both educate and inform our variety of audiences, as well as engaging and stimulating a positive change in the community and further afield. Understanding the cultural and political landscape of Libya has never been more important and Libyan Express are proud to continue enlightening and being the voice piece for change.

Welcome to Libyan Express!

Our goal is to be the leading go-to hub for Libyan news. Informing, educating, and inspiring our key target-audience, as well as enriching and motivating both communities and individuals globally, who care deeply for its fate and welfare.

Libyan Express, bring you articles, news, and information, as well as up-to-date coverage of the happenings in Libya, that other news outlets cannot provide.

This includes:

  • Elite and exclusive interviews from a panel of key persons, including both renowned Libyan political figures and business leaders.
  • Detailed evaluations on commerce, economy, and political affairs.
  • Insightful pieces written by some of the most high-ranking minds in Libya.
  • Profound and inspiring news reports and political commentaries, up-to-date broadcasts, analysis, and insightful opinions.
  • Reports on cultural affairs, arts, and society from across Libya.

We sincerely aspire to bring you content that you will enjoy reading every single day.

Ramadan Mohammed
Editor-in-Chief, Libyan Express

Our Strategy

Libyan Express’ policy is to provide unparalleled coverage of events in Libya. To effectively do this, we unite the talents of influential writers, inspiring trailblazers, and prolific analysts to enable us to portray a fair, and precise representation of the social, political, and economic nuances moulding Libya’s promising future.

At Libyan Express we pride ourselves in impartiality. Offering all angles of a debate and fairly opening up a stage for discussion and productive deliberation through our social media platforms. We believe that by our writers digging deeper and reading between the lines, we are able to uncover a far more engaging narrative and offer our readers that something extra.

We thrive on the participation of our audience – you the readers. We believe that Libyan Express is a two-way-street for sharing knowledge and expertise and we always encourage interaction, comments, and respectful debates.

Our Vision

Well-written, expertly researched, uniquely positioned; Libyan Express aims to publish insightful news, data and opinions that have been formulated in the hearts and minds of experts, world leaders and intrepid reporters.

So, what do we do at Libyan Express?

  • We deliver dedicated, comprehensive, and focused coverage of events in and around Libya
  • We broadcast based on events and not personal political agendas
  • We fully utilise the honed expertise of our journalists, correspondents and partnering companies
  • We ensure that our readers have current, fresh, and up-to-the-minute reporting, as well as the opportunity to engage with research and educated opinions and commentaries
  • We are proud to be an integral reference point and are frequently quoted by journalists, researchers, human rights organisations, and NGOs alike.

Original views from Libya

Refreshing and energetic concepts brought to you by key thought leaders and professionals.

Libyan Express offer specialist considerations and topical views from the country’s foremost experts in business, politics, and academia.

Politics and our policy made clear

The current climate and government within Libya can often be complicated and convoluted.

We offer fair, open, and honest coverage of politics and economy that will truly enrich your understanding and untangle the chaos.