Esnad AL Taqnya appointed as exclusive distributor for Anker in Libya

Esnad AL Taqnya has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Anker products in Libya

Esnad AL Taqnya has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Anker in Libya and will be working with retailers and resellers to maximise the product’s potential in the consumer and commercial markets.

Esnad AL Taqnya, Inc., Libya’s leading distributor of consumer electronics, apple products, IT solutions and services, announced that it has been selected by Anker, a market leader in USB charging, to distribute its portfolio of mobile power and charging products throughout the Libyan Market. As its exclusive distributor, Esnad AL Taqnya brings Anker’s diverse portfolio of best-selling portable chargers, wall and desktop chargers, car chargers, wireless charging pads and battery cases for Apple and Android devices, to retailers in retail-ready packaging and merchandising displays.

“We are excited to bring the success Anker products have experienced online to our vast network of retailers in Libya” said Hussam Ramadan, Managing Partner, Esnad AL Taqnya. “Anker products are unmatched in terms of their capabilities and functionalities for the price and help retailers support their customers’ needs for a connected lifestyle through high-quality, proven offerings in mobile power and charging.”

Anker products are built with premium components and equipped with PowerIQ™ and VoltageBoost™ proprietary technologies. PowerIQ™ dynamically detects and adapts to each device’s unique charging protocol to enable it to charge at full speed, while VoltageBoost™ notices resistance in charging cables and responds with slight increases in voltage to ensure the fastest possible charging speed. In addition, MultiProtect™, a set of advanced safety features, along with Anker’s rigorous product testing process, guarantee complete safety for devices and their users. The retail-ready packaging and merchandising displays feature easy-to-understand information on product benefits and exclusive information about safety feature technology, and boast rugged design and extensive testing to ensure high packaging durability.

For more information about Anker through Esnad AL Taqnya, Libyan retailers can call +218 21 360 6188, email or visit

Anker Libya’s Facebook page

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