New PowerWave wireless chargers designed for iPhones by Anker

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  • Sunday 18 March 2018

Anker’s PowerWave charges are now available in Libya through their distributor PRO TECHnology

Anker has a new line of wireless chargers that it’s calling the PowerWave series.

The new chargers are designed to work specifically with Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 smartphones and charge at the Apple-specified 7.5-watt spec for faster wireless charging on iPhones.

That said, the new chargers can also charge at up to 10 watts, should you have a phone (like Samsung’s Galaxy S9) that supports a faster wireless charging speed.

The new PowerWave chargers bear a striking resemblance to the company’s existing PowerPort chargers, which also come in stand and flat styles, although those are black, not white, only charge at 5 watts, and don’t include a wall plug.

But aside from the updated internals, the PowerWave chargers don’t really move the needle on Anker’s existing design, which is a little disappointing. The company hasn’t even upgraded the charging port to USB-C.

Anker’s PowerWave charges are now available in Libya through PRO TECHnology

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