CEO of Afriqiyah Airways resigns over damage of planes in Tripoli clashes

CEO of Afriqiyah Airways Abu Bakir Al-Furtiya [Photo: Social Media]
The CEO of the Libyan airliner, Afriqiyah Airways, Mohammed Al-Furtiya, has resigned over the clashes that took place in Mitiga Airport on Monday.

Al-Furtiya said Monday he quit his post following the clashes that damage most of the fleet of the airliner, which announced suspension of flights from both Mitiga Airport and Misurata Airport until a further notice.

Clashes erupted this morning between Brigade 33 led by Basheer Al-Bugra and the Special Deterrence Force that is operating the Mitiga Airport.

The Libyan Health Ministry of the Tripoli-based government reported Monday evening that 20 people were killed and 63 others injured in the fierce fighting.

Al-Furtiya accused the Presidential Council (PC) and the Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala of the Government of National Accord of being involved in corruption contacts worth over 3.5 billion dollars with Airbus, saying he worked hard to stop the contract, but the PC and Sayala managed to continue with it by creating a parallel management for the airliner.

He also accused the Foreign Minister Sayala of playing with the Libyan laws, saying he told him “Libya’s judiciary is corrupted.”

“We now have one operating plane, the rest are damaged each in a certain way. We need a long time to get to reach the maker of the aircraft in order to manage to repair them.” The resigning CEO added.

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