Filipino workers look to return back to Libya

Consul of the Philippines and Libya’s Director of Tripoli Medical Center in a meeting in Tripoli (Photo: TMC – Facebook)

The Consul of the Philippines in Libya met Thursday with the General Director of the Tripoli Medical Center (TMC), Mohammed Henish, and discussed ways possible of returning the Filipino medical staffers to work at the TMC.

“The Filipino workers have left their place empty in the TMC after they returned to their country over the last years because of unrest in Libya.” Henish explained.

The Filipino Consul, meanwhile, said that he desires the return of the Filipino workers to Libya after the Ministry of Health has reported that it made a deal with the Central Bank of Libya in order to facilitate the money transfer of the doctors and medical staffers coming from abroad, besides starting with the issuing of Visa Cards for them.

“The CBL’s solution is a very vital step that will see improvement coming to the health sector in Tripoli and then across Libya.” Henish added.

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