Tunisia denies slamming Libyan travellers with age restrictions


Tunisian authorities have denied any intention to put forward an age-based restriction on Libyans entering the country, saying all-age Libyans can enter Tunisia without any kind of change.

A couple of days ago, there was news on social media and some Libyan media outlets saying the Tunisian authorities “would soon ban” Libyans under 35 years old from entering via the Ras AJdair border.

However, such news is baseless and is not true at all. Libyans can enter Tunisia anytime regardless of their age. Tunisian authorities reaffirmed.

Meanwhile, strict measures on Ra’s Ajdair border by the Tunisian authorities include double checking the names of the persons entering Tunisia and comparing them to a wanted lust of culprits and terrorists to avoid any troublemakers entering their country, according to media sources.

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