Former Libyan UN Ambassador Dabbashi says PC, HoR should admit inefficiency

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 17 April 2017

The former Libyan Ambassador at the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi, has said that the Presidential Council and the House of Representatives should admit their inability to lead the country and be convinced that the only way out of the current political stalemate in Libya is a call for legislative and presidential elections.

Dabbashi said on Facebook on Sunday that the National High Commission for Elections must be appointed to prepare for the upcoming legislative and presidential elections, stressing that there must be an international control on the elections voting system.

He also called for taking the legal measures needed for having a new HoR and a President for Libya in a safe environment guaranteed and secured by the international community.

“All parties are beating around the bush and manipulating Libya to their own benefits. They must stop as they are adding to the split and bloodshed as well as the suffering of the Libyans.” Dabbashi added.

He explained that none of the current entities in Libya has the legitimate capacity to have a meeting and decide for all Libyans.

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