Libyan Interior Minister: Immigrant shelter costs a fortune

Interior Minister: Giving immigrants shelter has cost Libya an arm and a leg

In a press conference at the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority in Tripoli, Libyan Interior Minister Emad Al-Trabelsi emphasized the financial burden Libya faces as a result of providing shelter and assistance to immigrants. Additionally, he discussed the closure of shelter centers controlled by armed groups involved in human trafficking.

Al-Trabelsi emphasised that the Ministry of Interior, along with other state institutions and citizens, is working on a strategic security plan to combat immigration. He stressed the need for concerted efforts to address the security, health, economic, and social repercussions of immigration on Libya.

Contrary to claims made by humanitarian organizations, Al-Trabelsi denied Libya’s responsibility for the increase in immigration flows. He announced the deportation of around 270 immigrants from various countries, including Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Bangladesh, as part of an ongoing process of voluntary deportation.

The Interior Minister commended the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority and its branches across Libya for their significant role in addressing the issue. He also praised the efforts of security directorates and agencies in the eastern, southern, and central regions. Al-Trabelsi assured that deportation flights would continue in a systematic manner, demonstrating the seriousness and improvement in addressing immigration at local, regional, and international levels. He vowed to take strong action against smugglers and criminals involved in illegal immigration.

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