Libyan state oil firm retrieves 9000 bpd by reopening Wafa oil field

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 13 April 2017

The National Oil Corporation of Libya based in Tripoli announced lifting the state of force majeure on the oil field of Wafa after the armed groups took their hands off the pipelines that connect the field to Melitah Oil and Gas facility.

Towards the end of March, an armed group and several protesters shut down the oil pipelines in the field and led to huge losses and power outages in the region, as it is responsible for providing the Roweis Power Station with gas so that it gives electricity to most of the region’s districts.

“After reopening the pipeline and lifting the force majeure state at Wafa oil field, we expect to produce from the field about 9000 oil bpd, 485 million cubic feet of gas and 7500 barrels of condensate.” Mustafa Sanallah, the NOC’s Chairman explained.

He added that the shutdown of the pipelines caused a loss of 1120 megawatts and led to a new policy of power outages and load shedding in the region.

“But with the reopening, things will go back to normal within few days.” Sanallah added.

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