Libya’s coastguards save 215 migrants from drowning off Libyan coast

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 20 March 2017

215 illegal immigrants were rescued on Monday, including 47 women, while three women were found dead floating in water, the Libyan Coast Guard said.

Ayoub Qasim, the Libyan Navy Spokesman, said two boats were without engines stranded in the water off Zuwara shores.

On the first one, there were 131 migrants including the body of a woman, while on the second boat, there were 84 migrants and two bodies of women, all from African countries.

“The human-trafficking gangs have stripped the dinghies of the engines and let the migrants face their own death in the middle of the sea.” Qasim said.

He added that there were also some 3 migrants missing after they had jumped into the sea when they saw that their boat was not working.

The migrants were later to Zuwara shores and were given the needed humanitarian and medical assistance.

Zuwara, western Tripoli, is considered a hub for the human smuggling gangs, who gather huge numbers of immigrants in special centers and places in the city before they send them on shaky boats and dinghies to Europe.

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