Libya’s Peace, a singing epic to bring Libyans together

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 30 March 2017

Media figure, Atiyah Bani, said Thursday that he has finished writing the script and scenario for the singing epic Libya’s Peace.

Bani added that he had agreed with the poet Abdullah Al-Mizwaghi for the first verse part and will assign the second part to the poet Omar Ramadan.

“Mohamed Hassan agreed also to produce the music for the epic because he liked the lyrics and the verse, he also said it would be an amazing work for all Libyans.” Bani explained.

Mohamed Hassan is a popular singer and musician, who is famous across Libya.

The aim of the epic is to gather Libyans together for love and peace as well as tolerance, Bani said.

He added that many Libyan artists will take part in the epic as well as a number of Tunisian and Egyptian female singers.

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