1200 Friesian bulls to be shipped from Ireland to Libya

Over 1,000 Friesian bulls will be exported to Libya next week [Photo: Social Media]
More than 1000 Friesian bulls (Dutch) will be exported to Libya next week under a contract arranged by Supreme Livestock – a Co. Louth based exporter.

The company has confirmed to AgriLand that a livestock carrier will dock later next week to carry the bulls to their destination.

 Patsy McCabe – owner of Supreme Livestock – outlined to AgriLand that they are in the final stages of securing Friesian bulls to complete the consignment.

“We are looking for approximately 1200 black and white Friesian bulls. We’re also looking for some breeding stock and in-calf heifers for the shipment.” He explained.

Last year, some 1830 Irish cattle were exported to Libya; down from the 2,162 shipped the year before.

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