At least 20 killed, 50 injured so far in ongoing deadly clashes in Libya’s capital

At least 23 have been reported as dead from Abu Salim forces and Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and 53 others were wounded in the ongoing clashes between rival forces in Tripoli.

The Abu Salim hospital has sent out cries for people to donate blood and for ambulances to be present to help the wounded in the areas of clashes.

Since Friday morning, forces from Misurata city allied with Salvation Government of General National Congress led by Khalifa Al-Ghweil have been attacking locations of GNA forces in Rixos, Salah Eddeen, Hadba, Hai Demashiq, Ain Zara, airport road and others.

The operation is called Fakhir Libya, Libya’s Pride, and led by Libya Dawn leader Salah Badi.

The British ambassador to Libya tweeted this afternoon that he was sorry to hear about the renewed violence in Tripoli.

Tanks, armoured vehicles and armed forces are seen spread all over Tripoli streets with smoke covering the sky before the kickoff of Ramadan tomorrow.

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