Derna Shura Council: Haftar’s forces bombs Derna to steal victory over ISIS

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 24 April 2016


The Derna Shura Council said that forces of Khalifa Haftar are trying to steal the victory of the city and plunge it into a new war.

The Council clarified, in a televised presser from Derna Sunday, that Haftar’s warplanes bombarded the city 12 times on civilian residential areas leaving behind many casualties between killed and wounded.

“ISIS militants have been defeated from Derna and then they escaped on feet and by cars going through 800 km in the middle of the desert, yet Haftar’s warplanes did not bother to bomb them.” The Council added.

It also confirmed that many senior leaders for ISIS were killed in Derna clashes, and the number of ISIS detainees in Derna has reached 600 militants.

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