Libya strongman Haftar says UN-led political agreement expired, giving his army the go-ahead to end crisis

Khalifa Haftar giving a speech on December 17, 2017. (Photo: Screen garb.)

The commander of the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, has announced in a televised video the end of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) that was signed December 17 2015 after two years of what he called “illegitimate ruling.”

Haftar published a statement on Sunday saying all the bodies formed by the LPA are now expired and have no legitimacy to represent the Libya people.

“Libyans suffered all over those two years under the LPA and their political bodies such as the GNA and the Presidential Council. We are witnessing, unfortunately, the collapse of Libya under the rule of those illegitimate entities. But no more, the LPA has expired with the sunrise of December 17, 2017.” Haftar explained.

Haftar indicated that he and his army forces are now devoted to assist the Libyan people all across the country to regain the sovereignty and respect of their state among other countries in the world, vowing to protect the Libyans’ choices for the shape of the future country they deem fit.

The eastern retired general added that his army forces will never receive orders in the days to come from any body in Libya unless they are elected by the Libyan people themselves.

This step comes as the LPA finishes its second full year with so much conflicts and fighting on power still exist in Libya and with the efforts of the UNSMIL still ongoing on to bring the Libyan political stalemate to an end.

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