Libyan Consulate files lawsuit against Tunisian TV Channel over “mockery of Libyans”

Presenter of the 9 TV Channel (left) and Comedian (Right)

The Libyan Consulate in Tunis has lodged a lawsuit against Al-Tasea (9) TV Channel in Tunisia and the presenter Ameen Qara as well as the comedian Tariq Balouch for “mocking the Libyan people and their culture as well as dialect.”

“The Wednesday program on 9 TV Channel destroys the mutual relations between Libya and Tunisia, pushes the feelings of contempt between the two societies and leads the mutual cooperation between Libya and Tunisia nowhere near improvement.” The Libyan Consulate said.

It added that the Tunisian Channel’s conduct towards Libyans and their cultural heritage as well as dialect is disrespectful and unprofessional.

The Tunisian comedian impersonated Wednesday on the 9 TV Channel’s program a Libyan football player and mocked the Libyan team for failing to qualify for World Cup 2018 in Russia after the recent match with Tunisia, which ended 0-0.

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