Libyan forces kill three IS suicide bombers after two car bomb blasts in Sirte


The media bureau of the military operation of the UN-backed Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, Al-Bunayn Al-Marsou said two car bombs were exploded Thursday by the IS militants in Sirte attempting to repossess the Neighbourhood 2 they lost two days ago.

The media office said 10 fighters from the forces were killed and about 20 injured in the deadly blast that took place Thursday morning at one of the gatherings of the Misurata-led forces.

It also reported that a unit of the fighters managed to kill three suicide bombers from IS militants nearby Sirte’s Neighbourhood 2, adding that they were shot dead before they could detonate their explosive belts.

On Tuesday, IS militants in Sirte have carried out nine suicide bombings in one day in a failed bid to hold a central district of Sirte, pro-government forces said.

The attacks in the coastal city left 10 Libyan forces’ fighters dead and 82 wounded, said Reda Issa, a spokesman for Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous.

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