Libyan navy rescues 800 migrants, Italian coastguards rescue 1000 off Libyan coast

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 7 December 2016

People jump out of the boat before it overturns off the Libyan coast. Photograph: AP

The Libyan coastguards recovered Monday five bodies for illegal migrants off the shores of Tripoli and sent them to the legal authorities and the Red Crescent Organisation.

Meanwhile on Monday, the Italian coastguards reported that they had saved over 1000 migrants from crowded rickety boats off the Libyan coast.

The Italian navy added that they recovered 16 bodies over the last couple of days off Libya’s shores.

Libyan coastguards, however, reported rescuing 800 immigrants from nine dinghies on Sunday and on the same day later, they rescued 230 others off the Libyan shores.

Libyan continues to be the preferred cross point for migrants venturing a boat trip into the Mediterranean and off to Europe via Italy.

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