Libya’s oil production nears 700,000 bpd, NOC announces

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 3 January 2017

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Libya’s oil production had exceeded 685 thousand barrels per day (bpd) on Sunday.

The Chairman of the NOC, Mustafa Sanallah, attributed the remarkable gearing forward of the oil output to the recent reopening of Rayaina pipelines that are connected to the key western fields Al-Sharara and Al-Feel.

“After the reopening of Al-Sharara oilfield that has a capacity of oil production at 330 thousand bpd, the NOC could bring the oil industry back on its feet again.” NOC said on Monday.

However, it added that due to certain issues, Al-Feel oilfield has not yet resumed production.

Al-Feel has a capacity of oil production at 90 thousand bpd.

“By March 2017, we hope that Libya’s oil output would attain the 900.000 bpd target that we all look forward to.” Added the NOC.

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