Libya’s Supreme Judiciary Council hails Libyan Foreign Bank’s efforts in annulling Tunisian company lawsuit

The Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) has won the lawsuit that was filed by LMS company against it at Tunisian courts [Photo: Archeive]
The Supreme Judiciary Council in Libya has extended thanks to the Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) for doing remarkable work in the case filed by the Tunisian company (LMS) against it at Tunisian courts.

In a letter signed by the Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council, the efforts to track down the national assets abroad done by the LFB were hailed and appreciated.

The Supreme Judiciary Council praised also the contacts made on a daily basis by the LFB with the Presidential Council and the Supreme Judiciary Council itself in order to help recover and preserve Libyan assets overseas.

Tunisia’s Appeals Court repelled a lawsuit filed by the Tunisian company (LMS) against the LFB, and it annulled a previous verdict that obliged the LFB to pay 108.700.00 dollars, scarping all other procedures pertaining to the verdict.

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