Operation Dignity in east Libya declares full control of Benghazi

The General Command announced controlling Sooq Al-Hooth and Wasit Al-Balad areas

According to media sources pro-Haftar’s forces of Operation Dignity, the forces of the operation controlled Wednesday Sabri neighbourhood in downtown Benghazi after fierce clashes and multiple airstrikes for both eastern air force and foreign aircraft backing them up.

Sabri is the last spot controlled by Haftar’s opponents in Benghazi (Benghazi Shura Council.)

According to the so-called General Command of the self-styled Libyan National Army led by Haftar, the Sabri area is fully under their control and thus all of Benghazi is now void of any fighters from the Benghazi Shura Council.

They did not give details about how many opponents were killed and how many were captures, neither did they give details about the number of casualties they suffered in the retaking of Sabri area.

The General Command also announced controlling Sooq Al-Hooth and Wasit Al-Balad areas and said demining works are underway, calling on civilians not to approach those areas until a further notice.

Khalifa Haftar launched Operation Dignity to take Benghazi under his forces’ control from what he described as Islamist militants and terrorists in May 2014. Since then he has been struggling to do so despite the Egyptian, UAE, French, American and according to some reports, Russian and American backup.

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