Partial lunar eclipse takes place in several countries around the world

Partial lunar eclipse [photo: Date and Time]
A partial lunar eclipse which will begin at 10:55 pm and will last for about two hours is to take place Monday night. Due to the monsoon clouds, the eclipse might not appear to be very clear in the northern parts of India, particularly Delhi. However, it will be the first visible lunar eclipse this year.

Observers in Africa, Asia and Australia would be able to see the partial eclipse in its entirety.

Partial lunar eclipse is when the Earth moves in between the Moon and the Sun but the three do not line up exactly. Only part of the Moon comes under the Earth’s shadow, and looks darker.

“Starting from 10.52 p m, the full moon will enter the Earth’s shadow in space and create a spectacular celestial phenomenon, which is commonly known as partial lunar eclipse. This will be the first properly visible lunar eclipse this year,” said Debiprosad Duari, Director Research and Academic, M P Birla Planetarium.

“On February 11 this year there was a penumbral eclipse of the moon. It was an event where the moon passed not through the direct shadow of the earth but through its periphery and thus it could not be discernible by most of the population,” he said.

The partial lunar eclipse this time would be visible from the whole of Asia and Australia and most parts of Europe and Africa, Mr Duari said adding, “People in North and South America will be not be able to see it because it will be daytime there. The lunar eclipse will start at around 10.52 p m on the night of August 7 and will continue till 00.48 a m IST.

Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators or SPACE has also organised a telescopic observation for the general public at Marina Beach, Chennai.

“For those who follow Hindu traditions, the eclipse has mythological and religious significance. But yes, it’s a celestial event, which can happen on any Full Moon whenever the Earth moves in between the Moon and the Sun,” said Scientific Officer at SPACE, Mila Mitra.

Lunar and Solar eclipses happen in pairs, with the lunar eclipse happening within two weeks of a solar eclipse and therefore the August 7 lunar eclipse is associated with the upcoming major August 21 solar eclipse.

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