PC Deputy, Al-Mijibri meets HoR Speaker Aqilah Saleh, both agree to rethink GNA candidates

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 17 April 2016


The Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council of the National Accord Government Fathi Al Mejbari reaffirmed that the Presidential Council was prepared to re-consider the government of the NAG which was presented to the House of Representatives in Tobruk.

Al Majbari said, in a meeting he had with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aqilah Saleh, thet the NAG Presidential Council is prepared to reconsider the government if there is any evidence that convicts any of the ministers of wrongdoings.

The meeting between Al Majbari and Agila Saleh was held on Saturday and was attended by the Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee at the House of Representatives Fathallah Al-Seiti.

The meeting also focused on granting confidence to the NAG to end division in the country and enable the government to respond to the needs of the public, support the Army and the Police and fight ISIS.

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