Planning Workshop on Implementation of Family Practice Approach in Libya

World Health Organization – Country Office Libya

The Ministry of Health in Libya, in collaboration with WHO Office for Libya, has organized a five-day planning workshop to discuss various aspects of Family Practice Approach (FPA).

Implementation of Family Practice Approach is one of the essential element of Primary Health Care Project (PHC) which is funded by DFID.

“This comprehensive and people centered approach will be implemented in a progressive manner initially only in selected six Primary Health Care centers which are located in various regions of Libya. After successful implementation of all the 13 core elements of family practice as recommended by WHO Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean the FPA approach will be expanded to cover other PHC facilities in various regions of Libya.

The implementation of FPA which is characterized by comprehensive, coordinated, continuous care will contribute to improved health outcome by focusing on personal, individual and community aspects of care. It is imperative to note that the mentioned workshop will be followed by a number of follow up workshops and cascade trainings in order to involve and orient all cadres of health care workers who will be involved in the implementation and monitoring of FPA approach.

The successful and full fledge implementation of FPA requires ample time and adequate financial and human resources which will be provided by MOH Libya. The technical assistance will be provided by WHO Libya through the DFID funded PHC project during the initial phases of implementation of FPA.

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