Polio vaccination campaign ended successfully in Libya

LAHORE, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN – 2014/10/24: Pakistani Polio Vaccination Team administering polio drops to children during “Anti-polio campaign” at suburb of Lahore. The World Health Organization said that ten more polio cases have surfaced in Pakistan, bringing the number of new cases to 290, a record figure that authorities blame on attacks by insurgents targeting vaccination teams. (Photo by Rana Sajid Hussain/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The General Manager of the Libyan National Centre for Disease Control, Badr Al-Deen Al-Najjar, said the polio vaccines campaign ended in all of the Libyan cities and districts successfully after one full week of work.

“We have targeted a certain number of children in the country but we have ended up giving vaccinations to a bigger number of kids between the ages of one day and 6 years (preschool age).” Al-Nahhar added.

Libya’s children are now safe and immune of the polio disease after we have delivered vaccinations in all of the cities, towns, villages and provinces of the country, he indicated, saying there were no violations in the campaign.

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