Protesters of Fizzan Movement shut down largest Libya oilfield “Sharara”

Sharara oilfield in Libya is one of the largest in the country. [Photo: Internet]
The Fizzan Rage Movement in southern Libya has announced that its protesters have shut down Libya’s largest oilfield “Sharara” and will shut down Al-Feel oilfield afterwards.

The media spokesman for the movement Bashir Al-Sheikhi told local media outlets that they are closing the oilfields and interrupting oil production because of the deliberate marginalization by the Libyan government of the southern region and the region of Fizzan as a whole.

“We are being treated differently and badly by the government and authorities in Libya. No services and unjust power cuts are persistent in the region, while other cities in western and eastern regions are living normally.” The spokesman was cited as saying by local media.

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