Libya’s ambition: 41 billion cubic meters of gas


Libya’s Ambitious Goal: 41 billion cubic meters of gas annually

According to an economic report published by “Montel,” Libya is making efforts to double its gas production within five years and boost its exports. The report states that Libya aims to increase gas production to 41 billion cubic meters annually, which will meet the growing local demand and enhance its export capabilities.

Khalifa Rajab Abdel-Sadiq, an offic from Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli, shared this information during his participation in the Energy Summit in Ravenna, Italy.

Abdel-Sadiq mentioned that the developments in the gas fields align with Libya’s goal to enhance gas production. Currently, the only green gas pipeline in Libya transports slightly over 3 billion cubic meters annually for exports. However, Libya aims to reach its full capacity of slightly over 10 billion cubic meters annually within the next three to five years. The volume of gas exports in the following years will depend on local demand and the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Abdel-Sadiq emphasised that Libya currently produces around 20.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually. The expansion plans heavily rely on the National Oil Corporation’s relationships with European multinational energy companies such as Eni, Repsol, and Total Energy. The collaboration with these partners aims to maximize gas exports and fill pipelines.

Davide Taparelli, the president of Italian analytics company Nomisma Energia, expressed optimism about Libya’s ambitious goals. He highlighted that Europe and Italy are in need of gas, and the Italian gas line landing in Gela, Sicily, has been underutilized. Taparelli suggested that the current usage of the gas line, which is around 3 billion cubic meters annually, can easily be increased to 15 billion cubic meters.

Overall, Libya’s efforts to double its gas production and enhance exports are seen as a positive development, especially considering the demand for gas in Europe and Italy.

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