Ras Ajdair border between Libya and Tunisia is open, officials say denying rumors

The Ras Ajdair border crossing between Libya and Tunisia is still open from both sides with normal travelling movement, according to officials working at the border from both countries.

On Sunday rumors spread on social media saying that the Tunisian part of the border had been shut disallowing travelers from getting into Tunisia or departing it to Libya in protest of the strict measures taken by the Libyan gas and fuel commission against fuel smuggling from Libya to Tunisia.

According to certain social media pages, clashes in Al-Zawiya on Sunday between armed groups affected the Ras Ajdair border crossing as well and obliged its shutdown, however, officials denied such a procedures altogether.

Nevertheless, the clashes led to the shutdown of Sharara oilfield once again disallowing oil to flow to Al-Zawiya oil refinery, which will again cause Libyan oil output to fall tremendously after an ephemeral healing.

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