Sabha Medical Centre calls out for blood donation

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 22 November 2016


The laboratory unit at the Sabha Medical Centre called Monday on all residents to come and donate blood urgently.

The spokesman of the Sabha Medical Centre, Osama Al-Wafi, said Monday that all the blood stored in the centre has finished and now they are in a dire need for blood especially after the last wave of violence in the city.

Sabha has seen a very heavy fight between two tribes – Gaddadfah and Awlad Sulaiman – over a monkey that took off the scarf from the head of a passing-by high school girl.

The relatives of the girl killed the monkey and the owner and then the relatives of the monkey owner retaliated and killed those who killed him, setting off a blood feud that lost the city almost 17 people and injured over 60.

“The Sabha Medical Centre is also suffering from crowdedness of patients and injuries and it has got no sufficient equipment for that.” Al-Wafi added.

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