Third Force seizes Brak Shati airbase in southern Libya

Brak Shati airbase. (internet)

The Third Force of the Government of National Accord’s Defence Ministry announced earlier today capturing control of the Brak Shati airbase in southern Libya.

According to the statements of the Third Force’s commander, Mohammed Gliwan, the Third Force personnel seized the airbase after heavy fighting against Khalifa Haftar-led forces of Operation Dignity.

Brak Shati airbase lies 59 km to the east of Sabha city, where Third Force fighters are positioned.

Operation Dignity has been for some time positioned in Brak Shati airbase trying to have a takeoff from there into the southern region.

However, with today’s Third Force gain of the airbase control, Haftar’s forces will find it extremely difficult to carry any attack on southern cities using southern ground.

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