World Hijab Day celebrated by many non-Muslim women

World Hijab Day is celebrated in the beginning. The massive response to the match, that was celebrated by thousands of non-Muslim woman

Campaigners behind World Hijab Day (February 1) are urging non-Muslims to wear the Islamic headscarf to show solidarity and help fight ‘bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice’.

Hijab A common form of headscarf worn by Muslim women that covers the head and neck but leaves the face clear.

Niqab This is a head-and-face-covering combination item, which leaves just a slit for the eyes. It goes down as far the woman’s mid-back, to cover her hair.

Burqa The burqa is often confused with the niqab. The burqa covers the whole body, from the head to the ground, covering the entire face and eyes, with just a mesh to see through.

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