Fighting in Tripoli’s Abu Salim intensifies, ten killed

Conflicting news reported Friday afternoon that about 10 people from both sides of the clashes in Abu Salim, downtown Tripoli have been killed and several others were injured.

The clashes between Ghaniwa and Burki armed forces that are positioned in Abu Salim district continued on Friday with heavy and medium weapons used to shell randomly densely populated neighbourhoods.

Civilians have been seen fleeing the district of Abu Salim in Tripoli after hours of clashes that started late on Thursday.

Shops, houses and other private properties have been caught in fire by random shelling from both sides.

According to sources, tanks and armored vehicles are everywhere on Abu Salim streets in what appears fierce stance for continuing the war among the residents who are stranded insides the neighbourhoods.

The British Embassy in Libya has expressed concern over the clashes, calling on all parties to allow civilians to depart clashes’ areas safely.

The two warring sides have many times clashes among civilian houses causing panic and destruction.

No official statements or intervention has been forwarded on the clashes by the GNA or the Presidential Council yet.

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