France, Egypt, UAE to step up Tripoli offensive by airstrikes for Haftar’s forces

Fighting rages on in Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]
Political activist Mohamed Fouad said on Thursday that a western country had informed the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj that Egypt, France and UAE are going to use massive airpower to help Khalifa Haftar’s forces enter Tripoli starting from next Saturday.

The news comes as many reports on local media have been suggesting that Egypt is going to provide Haftar’s forces with critical support that will be in the form of carrying out airstrikes on Government of National Accord forces in Tripoli to pave the way for Haftar’s forces to enter the capital.

The UAE and France have been providing Haftar with military assistance and advisors for a long time, especially since the start of Tripoli offensive.

France lost three military officers in 2016 as their helicopter was shot down in Benghazi.

French missiles were also found in Gharyan recently in a base used by Haftar’s forces as an operations room for their attacks on southern Tripoli frontlines.

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