Sudanese court prosecutes Hafter’s Dignity Forces supporters

Sudanese Rapid Support Forces. [Social Media]

Sudan’s State Security Prosecution has referred a number of Sudanese suspects, it claimed that they belong to an armed group and had tried to recruit 1000 militants from a Libyan tribe to be used as combatants to fight alongside with Hafter’s Dignity Forces in Libya.

According to Sudanese media, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Darfur crimes Muatasim Abdulrahman has referred the case file to the Darfur Criminal Court which held at Khartoum North court complex, after they have been investigated.

This came after Sudanese Rapid Forces (SRF) had captured them on the Sudanese-Libyan borders and a written convention that was signed was breached. This convention meant the tribe had obliged to provide the military training and arming for the militants.

Sudanese media outlets mentioned that RSF seized a number of 4×4 pickup vehicles and amount of money including Libyan currency as well.

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