UNDP: Solar power system in Abu Salim Hospital fully installed

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 19 January 2017

The Abu Salim Hospital of Accidents has announced that the solar system that has been installed by the UN Development Programme in Libya (UNDP) is now ready to work after being tested by the projects’ engineers.

Abu Salim municipality said the hospital’s administration signed the paperwork of the solar power system provided by the UNDP in the presence of the UNPD’s Head, the mayor of Abu Salim, the Director of the hospital and other relevant entities.

“The UNPD installed the solar power system as part of the UNPD’s aim to install solar power systems in Libya’s hospital to help find an alternative to electricity amid the current deficit of the general network.” According to the officials of the UNDP and the Abu Salim municipality.

“The UNDP’s engineers tested the solar power system for 12 hours in the last two days and found that it was operating well, so it is ready to operate in the hospital now.” The Abu Salim municipality added.

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