HNEC: Libya’s constitution referendum next February

Head of High National Elections commission Emad Al-Sayeh – HNEC Page

The chairman of Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC) said Thursday that the referendum on a new constitution will be held before the end of next February.

The announcement by HNEC’s chairman Emad Al-Sayeh signals a small step toward restoring unity and political stability after years of chaos that followed the 2011 revolution.

“This process is not just a referendum on the constitution, it’s a referendum on the fate of the nation,” al-Sayeh told a news conference in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

“If it fails, everyone must be held responsible, not just the commission.” He added.

He warned that the referendum, which would be the first in a half century, could be delayed if the election commission does not receive security guarantees and funds to organize the vote.

“The commission will not take a single step unless its headquarters, employees and offices across the country are secured,” Al-Sayeh added.

Last month, the parliament in eastern Libya adopted an election law that would govern the referendum and future votes.

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