Khalifa Haftar enlists “flour” assistance from UAE, Saudi Arabia

خليفة حفتر يطالب بتشكيل مجلس مدني لادارة ليبيا


The head of the Crisis Committee in the eastern region, Ali Al-Treiki, said that after calling on Khalifa Hafter to react to the crippling crisis of bread and flour shortage, he decided to ask Saudi Arabia and Emirates for help.

Al-Treiki said that the east has been going through a severe lack of flour that plunged the region into an alarming crisis, and thus when the Central Bank of Libya and the Crisis Committee could not react, Khalifa Haftar did.

“Hafter called Saudi Arabia and the UAE and they agreed to open a ten-day air bridge to supply the east with tons of flour.” Al-Treiki added.

Meanwhile, the east has been going through a very severe lack of flour and increase in bread prices for months amid the unrest in the region and the war between Haftar’s forces and the Benghazi Shura Council.

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