Libya cannot stay at the mercy of a minority in Tobruk parliament and GNC

Martin Kobler
Martin Kobler

In a speech in the UN Security Council, the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kohler said he couldn’t convince all of the Libyan parties to rally around a common political solution for their country’s crisis.

Kohler confirmed to the UNSC that he is committed to bring the Libyan conflict parties to the dialogue table once again stressing that Libya cannot stay at the mercy of a minority of voices in the General National Congress and Tobruk parliament.

“The majority of Libyan political stakeholders support moving the country forward, so I will continue to support the implementation of the political agreement as it has no alternative and I would propose that whoever hinders it shall be sanctioned by the UNSC. ” Kobler stated.

He reaffirmed that the Government of National Accord must operate from Tripoli and then base branch offices in the east so that it starts working on satisfying Libyans’ aspirations.

He concluded by warning of ISIS expansion in Libya and called on security departments to unite to be able to combat it saying that to do so all must be under a united GNA.

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