Maltese FM, Vella, warns of lashes over forced entry of GNA

Maltese FM, George Vella
Maltese FM, George Vella

The forced entry of the UN-backed government in Tripoli could result in fierce clashes in the Libyan capital and could see Islamic State militants take further advantage of the political and security vacuum in the country, foreign affairs minister George Vella has warned.

In comments to The Sunday Times of Malta, the minister warned against alienating the Islamist-backed government in Tripoli, warning that if the rival UN-backed government were to force its entry in Tripoli, it may give rise to more unrest and benefit the Islamic State.

“Malta supports the national unity government but I have my concerns about alienating the Tripoli administration, which could risk pushing certain elements into the hands of ISIS(Daesh),” the minister said.

The unity government, which was announced on January 19 under a United Nations-backed plan, is aimed to bridge a political divide between the internationally recognised government in Tobruk and the rebel-backed authority holding power in Tripoli.

However, the UN-backed government is yet to set foot in the country’s capital as it does not enjoy the support of the majority of MPs in the two elected parliaments.


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