Misurata Military Council ousts city’s municipality

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 22 March 2017

The Chief of Misurata Military Council, Ibrahim Ben Rajab, announced late on Tuesday the overthrow of the city’s municipality’s administration and mayor, calling on all the city’s sectors to work normally but to sever ties to the toppled municipal council.

“We want to keep hold on to the peaceful circulation of power.” Ben Rajab added.

In a statement live on Tanasuh TV, Ben Rajab said that the overthrow of the municipality came after meetings with all Misurata components from the elders to civil societies to martyrs families and others.

“The decision was made by all that the municipality has made its own agenda work at the expense of the city and led to a gap between the residents and components of the city.” He said.

He also said a steering committee is formed to be responsible for keeping the city’s daily affairs going on.

“I call on the security departments in Misurarta to remain in position and secure Misurata and its institutions.” He concluded.

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