NATO surveillance flights over Libya increased last April, IHD Jane’s reported

RAF Typhoons will be part of the Nato forces to be deployed in eastern Europe. Photograph: Ray Troll/BAE Systems

Open-source monitoring of air traffic has shown an increase in flights by surveillance aircraft operating by NATO members over the central Mediterranean, specifically Libya, in ladt April, IHS Jane’s website has reported. 

According  to the report, flights off the coast of western Libya have included ones by aircraft flown by the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force (NAEW&CF), as well as the French, Italian, UK, and US air forces, indicated an increased interest in the north African country since Khalifa Haftar’s forces launched an attempt to take Tripoli from the  Government of National Accord (GNA).

“Open-source ADS-B transponder data shows Boeing E-3A Sentry aircraft operated by the NAEW&CF flew at least nine missions south of Malta from 13-30 April from the unit’s home base at Geilenkirchen in Germany, putting them in a good position to monitor aircraft flying over Libya.” The website added.

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