Oil company helicopter nearly tragically collided with another plane in Libya airspace

The NOC building in Tripoli (Photo: Archive)

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) revealed Wednesday that it had started investigating an incident of a near collision of an unidentified plane with a helicopter carrying personnel from a sea platform in Sabratha.

The NOC indicated on its website that the personnel were from Mellitah Oil and Gas, a joint venture between the NOC and Italy’s Eni, and they were flying from the Sabratha marine platform to Tripoli-based Mitiga Airport, when the aircraft converged.

The two aircraft encounter almost ended in tragedy with a direct collision and the personnel panicked and got terrified, the NOC added.

The NOC explained that it had been notified by Mellitah on December 31.

“Immediately after receiving the news, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) contacted all parties concerned to take urgent steps to investigate the incident and to do what is necessary to ensure that such grave violations are not repeated,” NOC concluded.

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