Salvation Government’s media official says kidnappers threatened him not to talk, stole his belongings

Jamal Zubia

The recently released media official at the rival Tripoli Salvation Government, Jamal Zubia, said his kidnappers at the New Ain Zara Prison in Tripoli, led by what he described as “Godfather” Hisham Besher, threatened him not to talk to media about his days in custody.

“Besher told me and the others imprisoned with me to tell the media nothing about our disappearance that lasted for months.” Zubia added.

Zubia indicated that when the kidnappers decided to set him free, they confiscated his belongings and never gave them back on the day of the release.

“Besher said he would give them back and until today he did not.”

Zubia said that he had on him a car, fancy watch, iPhone 6+ keys of office and a sum of money, adding that the other prisoners with him had similar belongings too.

Jamal Zubia, the Head of the foreign media office of the dismissed Salvation Government in Tripoli, was released on November 26 along with activists after three months of kidnap.

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